10 deadly sins of marathon training

Here are my 10 deadly sins I committed in marathon training, which I will never, ever do again… (I promise)

  1. I didn’t start my long runs soon enough – I needed to start much earlier, like two months! You can never start your long runs too soon.
  2.  I didn’t do enough strength training. Yes I did squats and forward lunges, calf raises and the plank. But I didn’t add any weights to these and I didn’t do enough. And I know it… I was trying to get away with the minimum. Yep, I was cheating on myself.
  3. I didn’t ensure I was completely happy with my race day shoes. I should have bought two pairs of the trainers I planned to run in. When I finally decided the shoes I wanted to run in (way too late, what was I doing?) I was sent a pair that was half a size too small, and didn’t receive the right size until two days before race day. It was too late to break them in. Schoolgirl error.
  4. I didn’t experiment with homemade nutrition like I planned to. I hardly had gels on my long runs then had one about every 45 minutes in the race and had terrible nausea by mile 20. Little balls of Amelie’s homemade flapjack, wrapped up in clingfilm, would have been perfect.
  5. I did a long commute on public transport on race day morning, which went smoothly but took way longer than I planned and involved a few miles on my feet –  next time I’m taking a taxi (I’ve already stashed away a couple of tenners in my race day fund).

The Green Start seemed to be miles away from the tube!

6. I ran oh-so-proudly in my club vest, you know, the one with your name written on it in the massive-ist thickest, boldest font you could order. But when I started to walk about mile 20 there were thousands of people cheering me on to start running again, by name. I felt like a failure to each and every one of them. Awkward. Eventually I put in my headphones. Next time I’m wearing the other club vest, you know, the one that allows you to remain wonderfully anonymous.
7. I can’t believe I did this, as I packed it and it was in my bag, but I forgot to put on my bin liner before I checked in my bag. It was cold, really chilly, but that’s not what I  needed it for (I had two tops from my local charity shop for that). The queues to the portaloos were hundreds deep when I arrived… if only I’d had my bin liner on I could have had a secret wee by just bending down…

Next time I'm not going to be me...

Next time I’m not going to be me…

8. I didn’t actually do one long run in one continuous hit, so had no idea my left leg niggles were going to hit on race day. I missed several vital weeks of long run training, then, with only three weeks to go I squeezed in two 20-milers, but both were split into a  morning and evening run (hey, it was the Easter school holidays!). So I had no idea of my endurance weakness (though at the time I had been so pleasantly surprised at how fast I had done the evening 14-milers, despite a morning six-mile run). The body – it’s a trickster!
9. I tried to keep up with the runner dressed up in the Frozen outfit, even though I knew they were stronger than me by half way. I should have let it go, let it go…
10. Did I say I didn’t start my long runs early enough? Oh I did. But it’s so important that it’s worth saying again!

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One thought on “10 deadly sins of marathon training

  1. Jaime

    I did the opposite to you with the name on the vest, I didn’t have it on there deliberately as I didn’t want random people calling out to me and distracting me, or thinking it was a friend and being disappointed when it wasn’t.

    Can’t say whether or not the public transport thing affected me, but it’s certainly worth considering!

    Just waiting on the ballot result now…


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