When Daley Thompson backflipped his way to Olympic gold, our heroine was learning her athletics craft as the world’s smallest javelin thrower. Realising that she could never be Fatima Whitbread, she turned her back on the bright lights of the athletic world – and the nation shed a tear. Her interest was only rekindled after the birth of her first child, an event whose media interest was matched that year only by the Sydney Olympics. Instead of javelin, it was running that stoked her fire (and that all-in-one catsuit worn by Cathy Freeman). It was the beginning of a love affair that would see her blood her trainers on the cobblestones of Rome; brave the blistering heat of Jamaica’s Reggae Marathon; and toil through the mud of Weston-super-Mare. And she’s never looked back since.

SWDRs has been a journalist for too many years, working in London as well as several other continents, and is now based by the sea where she can run and write much more calmly. She has written on just about every health and well-being subject there is out there, and for quite a few magazines. Her favourites have always been the health and fitness and running ones. She’s also interviewed lots of celebrities over the years.

If you would like her to write for you on an issue to do with running, health, fitness, lifestyle or human interest, or maybe something completely different, drop her a line.

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