#Week 15: The Road to London

Week 15 was the first week of the Easter school holidays so I knew I wouldn’t achieve much! This didn’t all happen during in Week 15, but in a seven-day stretch from the Friday before until this Thursday I did  a 20 mile run, parkrun at about marathon pace (less than 12 hours later), 6 x 800m, and a 7 mile tempo run. This probably amounts to the best quality week I’ve done for literally years!

Not only this, I managed a plank PB of 5 mins! I was as chuffed with this as with my 20-mile run!

Sunday and Monday I rested my legs after my long run – I need at least two days off to feel human again, though I made sure I did 30 minutes of strength and conditioning on Sunday.

Tuesday I think I was a little crazy. Three weeks of un-running meant no burn out or speed, so I went into my 6 x 800m session with loads of gusto and did the first one in 5:30 pace. The next five were therefore a bit tough, but my legs seemed to have a mind of their own. I averaged a really good pace for all, so even though I’ve stretched my distance I’ve also got a bit of speed coming back into my legs, too.

Entertaining the girls

Entertaining the girls

This is so exciting, I almost want to bin the marathon and focus on training for 5K (which is the plan after my legs have had a rest once race day is over). It kind of stops you in your tracks mentally, when you do something you’ve been wanting to do for a long time but wondered if you would be able to do again. Hello speed!

Reviewing Salomon kit for a new feature in Women's Running

Reviewing Salomon kit for a new feature in Women’s Running

Wednesday was time to rest my legs and sort out my head. With juggling work, the girls, training and life I am already getting overtired and I struggle with thoughts of ‘How am I supposed to do all this’! I think I can sometimes err towards the negative when it comes to my own strengths and abilities, even though I would be so cross if anyone I know gave themselves a hard a time as I do. It’s called being a woman.

Another plank PB, what more can you wish for in life?

Another plank PB, what more can you wish for in life?

So I go to see an emotional wellness coach, Janet Smith, who helps me, how shall I say it… clear out the crap in my head to let in the possibility of what I want to happen become reality. Sometimes I don’t know what the hell I’m doing and my head is so cluttered I can’t think straight. That’s my ‘children clutter’. Them and their busy lives! Then there’s the rubbish we all carry around from our pasts, and I am guilty of doing this as much as anyone. Janet does a great ‘clearing’ session where you go, spill all the issues that are troubling you, and then she works with you to find the route of these problems so you can let them go. Every time I go it’s a transformational experience.

Saw this on the drive home from Janet's #blessed

Saw this on the drive home from Janet’s #blessed

So I told Janet how, at times, I feel so overstressed with everything that I worry I’m going to hold myself back through not being able to relax and just be. This doesn’t just relate to running, but to work (probably more so) and being creative. It’s that common situation where we are so busy that we end up with little time for the one thing we know we should be doing – for me this is fiction writing, and escaping into my imagination.

Can you see how calm the sea is?

Can you see how calm the sea is?

Holidays are busy when you work at home, and we also had a new bathroom fitted. My head definitely felt like it was ready to explode! The time with Janet is precious and I feel I walk away a different person, free of the stresses and worries that have built up. We also did a lot of work on visualising each and every mile of the marathon, and enjoying the race, and Janet set me up with a mental routine to tap into up until race day.

Thursday I had to do a seven mile tempo run, and my legs felt quite heavy. Friday I usually do my group but it was holiday rest mode so I just did 30 minutes of strength and conditioning and Saturday was too busy for any exercise – and I was doing an off-road half the next day.


In theory I’m heading into my taper now, so not doing much mileage didn’t bother me too much (although the maranoia still creeps in doesn’t it?!).

Questions: Are you in taper time? Is paranoia preying on your mind?

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