The Road to London #Week 3

Hej hur mår du? (This means hi, how are you?)

Yes, thanks to Saga Noren I’m trying to learn Swedish. It’s going very slowly due to the extreme amount of life clutter my brain carries around daily.

Training this week has been OK – nothing amazing, just OK. For this I am grateful – last week I felt awful! So whether it’s good or bad, each week I complete is a blessing. I’m convinced (in a kind of obsessive way) that the key to keeping marathon training going is making my club session on a Monday, which his led by our top coach and my friend Penny. If I make Monday nights, in the dark and cold, fitting in running around all the other stuff I have to do on a Monday, I can do anything!

The temperatures outside have plummeted and most of my runs have been with a wind chill of about -2…this really gets you focused! Monday night’s session with Penny was short hills. On paper the session would look deceptively easy, 30 secs up hill x3, rest for two minutes and repeat the block two more times. That adds up to 270 seconds of running, just 4.5mins. Why was it so tough then?! With such short repeats you commit to each one 100 per cent; there was no slacking from anyone and we finished feeling knackered.

Post cross-country shoes (Dawn lost hers sadly to the mud)

Post cross-country shoes (Dawn lost hers sadly to the mud)

Tuesday is an easy day for me. I did 30 minutes of conditioning on my legs, core and arms. Nothing too serious or strenuous. I’m starting to look forward to Wednesdays when I cycle to the pool for a quick swim then cycle home. Neither are impressive, but as I don’t usually train on non-running days they must be benefitting my overall fitness, yes? If only slightly.

This is what it looks like when you're legs don't move after miles of mud

This is what it looks like when you’re legs don’t move after miles of mud

Thursday was a challenge as I did a speed session on my own into the wind from hell, with a wind chill of -3. I did a pyramid of 1,2,3,4,3,2,1 mins of effort off about 90 seconds recovery. My highest average heart rate was 170, about 5K race pace so I just about hit target. It was 9am and freezing and my feet didn’t defrost but I averaged about 6.45min/miling; I could have so easily skipped the session so I was chuffed once I finished and got back into the warm.

Friday is my day to lead others in their running and our group repeated my Thursday session, with me at the back encouraging where it was needed. Saturday was the Hampshire Cross-Country Champs.

We have 27 children between us I think - I could be wrong!

The Friday morning ladies. We have 27 children between us I think – I could be wrong

It involved running through about 4.5 miles of bog, which was really tough and I struggled. My legs felt tired, as I did, but it was good training – and, once it was over, I was relieved. The last time I did it I had been ill and ran super slow; this time I placed 55th, which was a big improvement. 55th? Yep – there’s a whole sea of youngsters ahead of you and just finishing is an achievement!

Some of the Stubbington ladies

Some of the Stubbington ladies (in ascending order plus Will photo bombing!)

Pedal power
I thought my bike on Sunday would be really tough after Saturday’s mud, but I surprised myself by really enjoying it. I repeated a similar session to last week’s Sunday bike, 45mins, and just like the runs, it was another session in the bank that will strengthen me when the miles are melting away on race day. I’ve always found being on the bike a bit boring but I think that’s starting to change.


Life is busy, so I’m trying to walk to school some days and listen to my meditation CD on the way. It’s perfect at grounding and centering me as my mind has been all over the place recently.

How has your training week been? Is it getting easier or harder for you?

Can you recommend any meditation CDs?

Tack för att du läser min blogg
(That means ‘thank you for reading my blog’)

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