How will your star sign affect your marathon?

Does your star sign give you an insight into how your marathon race day may unfold? Astrology consultant Caroline Trowbridge ( gave me a little insight into what each sign of the zodiac should expect from their marathon experience…


Aries: You will approach your marathon as if you are at a battlefront, with huge determination and energy to get to your finish line, just like your ruler Mars. You are like a charging cavalry ready to attack and the marathon you will undoubtedly conquer! You will probably be one of the front runners (think of amazing Aries runners like Mo Farah and Roger Bannister and … ahem … *shewhodaresruns* ) and it won’t matter to you if you don’t have any support on the day. It would be wise in the first half of your race to use your strategy to conserve your energy, so you can go for glory on the finish line! You’ll want to compete against yourself to do your absolute best on the day. Remember, you’re the baby of the zodiac, so after your race make sure you plan in time to go get an ice cream, and plenty of rest – you may even have an afternoon nap!


Taurus: There’s no doubt that you will be really well prepared for race day, especially when it comes to nutrition and having your tunes lined up on your iPod. You will have enjoyed your pre-race carbo loading (did you mistakenly include alcohol?!). You won’t be so bothered about your time, for you the race will be about focusing on your senses; the roar of the crowd, the feel of rain on your skin. You can plod along for a very long time! Steely and determined there is no doubt you will finish; you will stick to your conservative planned pace although may walk, stop and talk to the band along the way. Ruled by Venus, you will be drawn to the music en route and the smell of food. After you’ll be eating a slap-up meal with your family – you will have deserved that pint!


Gemini: You deserve praise for doing the marathon, as often you flit between different events. You may use up a lot of energy on the way round chatting to everyone; your sunny disposition will ensure you make lots of friends. You will mentally prepare by thinking how you are going to get through each stage of the race, and you will keep your mind occupied as you run. Make sure you get a good night’s sleep before the race so you aren’t too tired from your nervous energy. Other runners will spot you a mile off as your nerves will show as you wring your hands. Your multi-faceted mercurial mind will guarantee success!


Cancer: You will have deep emotional reasons for running. A cause close to your heart will be the reason behind why you decided to run the marathon – it’s a good idea to have pictures of the people you love with you, and you will look out for your special supporters en route. They will be important anchors that help you get round. You will run your marathon alone (avoiding the TV cameras) if you need to, secure that you have done enough training to get through. Focus on the emotional reasons why you are running, and remember to breathe when you start welling up at the finish line.


Leo: Is it possible to run with a full camera crew, while you are also taking selfies?! It is for our Leo ladies! You can spot the Leo runner as an entourage of the opposite sex usually surrounds them. You are more than capable of running a marathon, but you will want to see your reflection in shop windows as you do – or you’ll be looking out for yourself on the TV highlights. You want to be seen to be doing well! Make sure you have your name in bold on your vest so everyone can cheer you – you love the adulation. You’ll want your support team around you at the finish, and to bask in your success. You’ll love being in the spotlight on race day, you may even be posting pictures of yourself on Instagram as you go along! This will be your greatest performance and the crowd’s support of you will only reinforce this!


Virgo: Have you been aware of every niggle during training? Has your diet been precise and scientific? Of course! Don’t forget your hand sanitiser for the portaloos as you may feel repulsed by the possibility of germs in them while you try and soothe your nervous tummy. You will wear the same kit as you do for every race. You’ll be nervous and will have to pop to the loo a lot – think about getting a Shewee! Your routine is crucial – you will have checked your shoelaces are tight enough over and over. Your training will have been precise and you will have stretched and rolled your muscles religiously. You’ll be mindful of how your body feels during the race. Try not to focus too much on your niggles and enjoy yourself as you cross the line! And take advantage of the free massages available in the recovery area.


Libra: Make sure you’ve prepared before the race – you’ll have had a manicure, your hair will be perfect and your make up too. You’ll look amazing and gorgeous as you race in the top brands. It’s all going to be about looking good! You may be racing with your loved one and, no doubt, you will steal sneaky kisses as you run. You’ll either be thinking about your loving partnership, and meeting up with your partner after, or, if you’re single, looking for that someone special when you run! Perhaps the love of your life is running right beside you. You’ll feel confident about your race and how great you’re going to look in the marathon photos at the finish!


Scorpio: It’s important for you to run your own race and not focus on everyone else. Don’t start strategising how you are going to take down the runner who overtook you at Mile 3, or who stepped on your trainer, or threw a water bottle across your path. If you focus on how others may be doing better than you this may sabotage your race Scorpio! The power of Pluto will see you through to the finish line. Take the time to enjoy the race and use your steely determination to believe in yourself; when you do this you are unstoppable! Your running is intense, it’s a passion and you’re formidable. So look up and take in what’s going on around you and enjoy this experience (it’s supposed to be a charitable event after all!).


Sagittarius: You’ve probably travelled the furthest to get to your marathon, maybe from all over the world, to run in the greatest cities. You’ll absorb the ambience of this historic city and all it has to over. This is just 26.2 miles of your incredibly exciting life. You’ll probably be chatting away all the way round. You’re incredibly capable if not always competitive. You may be guilty of not enough training but your natural ability will get you through. You may be clumsy or accident prone so look out on the cobbles and take extra care around the water stations. Even if you fall you’ll laugh it off as you’ll be buzzing at being at one of the world’s greatest events. As soon as you cross that line you’ll be thinking about the next big great adventure.


Capricorn: Did you start running because your work was putting together a team? Are you now approaching the marathon like work, with the pressure of raising money for your cause? You will approach this event like a business and will be a formidable fundraiser. You’ll be the one organising everyone in their training. However tough the marathon gets your ruler Saturn will make sure you can dig deep and carry on. It’s a metaphor for your life – teaching you how tough life can be but if you keep working hard you will make it to the end. You’re no stranger to hard work and discipline. You’ll want to lead and will get stronger as the race progresses. The marathon, like life, is an endurance test for you and one that you will master.


Aquarius: Your Uranus energy may make you an erratic runner. You may also be overwhelmed to be part of such a great humanitarian event. You’ll probably be running for a great cause, or those less fortunate than you; this will be very important to you. Your training may have come in fits and starts and might have been unpredictable, but you’ve made it to the start line! You, more than any runner, have all the latest and best gadgets. Technology is really important to you. You will probably spend your race focusing on your splits and heart rate. Avoid getting into any race day argy-bargies such as who gets the last safety pin, and make sure you have fun on your special day.


Pisces: Charity is your sole focus. You may be an elusive figure on the start line and it’s likely you will move through the pack without being noticed. Suddenly other runners will realise you’re next to them! You may have done all your training without letting on to friends that you were running a marathon – then just turn up on the day to surprise your colleagues or club mates. If you see someone in trouble during the race you will give up your goal to help them. You will prepare by imagining yourself running the race, maybe by replaying a movie of the event in your head where you hold the starring role. This is your Chariots of Fire moment, and you are the star! Then, when the race is over you may slip away with your medal, and might not even tell anyone you ran. The knowledge that you have raised money for your chosen charity is reward enough for you.

Caroline is an astrology consultant, energy healer, children’s author and actor. Find out what she is up to on facebook, twitter or at

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3 thoughts on “How will your star sign affect your marathon?

  1. Pisces

    Yup…. That’s me!!! I gave up a race in October to help, and as I tried to run to finish, that’s when my current injury kicked in and I’ve been injured since!!! Wud I do diff next time? Nope!!! I def play down my marathons, and do tend to just get on with it….. Mostly cos I worry that I will b mocked or made fun of…..

    1. shewhodaresruns Post author

      What would we do without amazing Pisces Nikki! My middle daughter is also one, so compassionate and caring. Your sole sisters would never make fun of your running – anything you do is better than not bothering with your life, so everything we achieve should be celebrated 🙂


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