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I love you, forever and more

When little brown bear was a baby in arms
She’d fidget and toss and could never stay calm.

Mummy would hold her and whisper so gently
“I love you so much and will save you from harm.”

The months soon flew past, in a flash of the eye
And bear was now one. She began shouting “MINE!!”

If Mummy said “Share.” Or told her “no more!”
Little brown bear would strop. Grizzzzzzzzzzzzle. And wh-iiiiiiii-ne.  (Whaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!)

“No love me!” she cried, her lips all-a-quiver
“I love you,” said Mummy, “for now and for ever.”

When little brown bear grew again and was two
She’d stamp and she’d throw then she’d bang and be bruised.

If Mummy bear asked her to eat her tea nicely…
Little brown bear would simply RE-FUSE!

“No one loves me!” she screamed, so ever so loud.
“I love you,” said Mummy, “right up to the clouds.”

Then next came a shock, t’was the tiresome three’s!
Bear’d push and she’d kick and she’d pull and she’d tease.

When Mummy said: “SIT DOWN! Eat your tea pleeeeeeeaaaaaasee!”
Little bear huffed… then ranted… then wheezed.

“No one loves me!” she said, tears filling her eyes.
“I love you,” said Mummy, “right up to the skies.”

When little brown bear grew into her fours
She started at school and her spirit then soared.

She learnt how to share, to listen, to care
The shouting and stamping… they happened no more.

“I love you,” she said to Mummy Brown Bear.
“I love you so much, forever and more.”

*You may want to substitute ‘Little Brown Bear’ with ‘Amelie Eve’ – then you get the original format of this story….


This little person is now 12 and bigger than me. She’s taught me so much, especially how precious her love is to me. I love you Amelie Eve, forever and more

It’s a work in progress…

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